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Social Media management Company Kenya

Social Media Management In the absence of know-how or internal capacity to create and manage your Digital presence, we will seamlessly manage every aspect of your social presence. On a monthly retainer, we will in liaison with your team source and publish the relevant content on your platforms and manage the conversations that ensue thereafter. […]

5 smart ways to think like a growth-hacker.

The hype around growth-hacking has affected people in every place in the world where an ambitious and determined entrepreneur has ever lived.It also has reached that point where, every person’s information on major sites like LinkedIn has the title growth-hacker. I wholly believe the title ‘growth-hacker’ is a bit of an understatement to outline your […]

Growth-hacking your way to the top.

Building your brand to the point  where you are the most sought after in the world of entrepreneurs is not easy. Getting consumers to notice and even subscribe to your services can be a hell of a struggle. I have seen people whose ventures stumbled and failed to grow because they didn’t know how to […]