Mobile Loan App Review : Jumbopesa

The demand for mobile loans in Kenya has risen drastically in the past few years, with 6 million of the adult population having borrowed money using their phones. Getting a loan is now as fast as a clicking a button, but how is the user experience really like? I sought out to find out mobile borrowing experience using the JumboPesa. Probably you have heard of this App, but if not, don’t worry we did all the tests possible for you. In our list of items to be tested were, the convenience, speed, ease of the loan process, payment period and interest charged.


I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store– it doesn’t take up much space at 3 Mb. The app requests permission to access your SMS ( it’s important not to delete mobile money transactions messages, phone contacts, location, call logs before taking a loan. This information is part of what will be used to determine my eligibility for a loan.


JumboPesa provides quite an easy process of sign up process. You simply log in with your Mpesa details, and you are ready to go.


Taking a Loan

Depending on your credit rating, first-time borrowers are allowed between Ksh. 500 as a loan, with the loan amounts increasing as they continue borrowing, topping at Ksh.50, 000 as the maximum amount that can be borrowed. Jumbo Pesa charges a monthly interest of between 1.5% to 15%. . The payment schedule is available with the date due clearly outlined.


I explored the app’s menu and found that JumboPesa provides a royalty program where users earn points as they repay. The points can be converted to cash and withdrawn to mobile.


Overall, I found the experience simple and smooth, the app is small in size which I appreciated (if your phone is clogged with apps like mine you’ll appreciate it too). Taking a loan really is a press of a button away. Other mobile loan applications include Tala, Zidisha, and Saida apps.


Have you tried the JumboPesa app? Download now and share your experiences.