6 Tips on Launching Product on Social Media

Social Media Product Launch

Social media presents a special medium of communication for many foreseeable generation ahead. Launching a new product or an existing product into a new market is never easy.

It takes time, effort and money. Social Media allows your business to build a high level of interest around the product prior to the launch date. Done correctly, Social Media platforms can generate a great deal of excitement around the product launch by engaging a network of interested people. Social Media platforms work well for product launches  and below are the tips for a successful social media marketing activity.


Pre Launch Product Information “Leaks.”

Use Social media to leak out snippets of product features, benefits, price ranges etc before launch. This generates interest and curiosity in prospects. Curious people act by trying to find out more information and this may grow your “hot” sales funnel before launch.

Pre Launch Product Demonstrations

Use Social Media to educate the target audience in features of the product by creating demonstrations and mock ups of the product. A product aware proactive audience is likely to create a buzz and interest that is greater than a more reactive audience passively waiting to see what your business will launch.


Many big selling brands work on the basis of exclusivity. Using Social Media to offer inducements or tell people about features and benefits of the product is a way to develop an “air” of exclusivity about the product. People in your target audience appreciate the exclusivity and may well become “early adopters” of the product in order to cash in on their exclusive deal.

Promote Participant Pro-activity

New products are sometimes not just about the product, but also about the creative process and people involved in the design and creation of the products. Involving stories from these people and the design process on Social Media is another way to generate interest in the product. The target audience can become involved in the product launch by engaging with the creators and designers.

Share Product Launch Content

PR teams and brand advocates can conveniently and readily share quick information about the product on this platform. This opportunity does not rely on engaging with difficult to get to PR editors at newspapers or trade magazines.


Promote the product launch by having contests on Social Media where the prize is the new product. Product prizes and imaginative contests can create excitement hence generating more interest in the event than would otherwise be possible.