Iranian Expo – Nairobi Kenya 2017

iranian expo how to import from Iran
Setting of Iranian expo at KICC

Iran’s first exclusive exhibition in East Africa named the Iranian Expo, was held in Nairobi, Kenya between February 3-6th 2017 at the Iconic KICC. The expo was officially opened in presence of Iran’s Ambassador to Kenya Hadi Farajvand with more than 80 Iranian companies taking part in the event. Our team participated in the event and prepared this summary for those who did not manage to attend.

A few facts about Iran

Iran is ranked #15 in producing science and technology.

Largest producer and exporter of hand made carpets in the world 75%.

Ranks no 2in world gas reserves and 3 in world oil reserves.

Produces 1.8% of world cement, ranked 4th.

Iran is #10 in world in Historical sites and #5 in natural attractions.

Business Opportunities At Iranian Expo

The participating companies consisted a wide range of fields, including but not limited to construction, tile and ceramics, electricity, IT, oil and gas. Others are petrochemicals, industrial automation, biotechnology, new energies, medicine and medical equipment, household appliances, foodstuff, textile and leather etc.
Fact: In the past year (March 2015- March 2016), Iran exported around $42.3 million worth of goods to Kenya and imported commodities worth $5.15 million in return.

Below are specific industries that we interacted with and find very prospective for the Kenyan market. All of these are seeking partnerships with distributors/ agents to serve Kenya and East African region at large. Retail prices for these commodities are projected to be 30% lower than the current prices for similar products.

  1. Pakshoo industrial group: One of the biggest manufacture of cleaning
    Iranian expo nairobi
    Pakshoo Products Stand

    detergents and home care products in middle east. If you are in FMCG business, you need to check this out.

  2. PSG: Home care products, powder detergents etc
  3. Syna Factories: The biggest producer of glass fiber tissue and polyester fiber in Iran. If you have links to manufactures in mattresses, plastics, clothing, glass products etc, you need to talk to these guys.
  4. Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical MFG CO: Manufactures of all ranges of pharmaceutical products.
  5. Rakhshan Industrial & Trading Company: Import export consultant specialized in insurance, tax aand related services.
  6. Milan Gas: Exporters of gas and manufactures of all sizes of Gas cylinders and related equipment.
  7. Yashil Drip: Manufacture of drip irrigation systems
  8. Zanjan Chamber of Commerce: Mining and agricultural equipment.
  9. Parsis Company: Parsis is an investment and trade development holding that serves a wide range of industries. they include Green house construction materials, durable tiles and other building materials, bio-degradable plastic bags and raw petroleum jelly (very affordable).
  10. Khorshid Motors: Production of Automotive parts.
  11. Miad Samen CO: Manufacture of Zinc bars and Zinc Sulphate.
  12. A.H.A Mahyar: A leading Manufacturer of quality socks, gloves, underwear and anti-bacteria products.
  13. H&T Granite: Tiles and building materials

For further details the iranian expo or any of the above industries including contacts, Click here for Inquiry.

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