How can you as a startup find ideal social-media Influencers?


Finding social media influencers who can benefit your brand is critical to your success: this is a complete dilemma to startups and those who have been in  business for a while. Influencers are the best marketers and this approach is for sure one of the most efficient and effective ways for businesses to reach potential buyers of their goods and services. For many brands, such influencers seem elusive, but if you understand the right steps to follow, it is possible to find the influencers who can draw attention to your brand and message. Well how do you get them?

Employing the traditional online search method.

A simple online search is one of the most effective methods for finding people within your niche. Possible sources include reporters, writers, blogs and media outlets. You also can research about your competitors and see who is talking about their brand and where their name is mentioned every now and then. Google alerts is very beneficial in areas like this.Simply set up an alert and it lets you know who is talking about your brand online.

Online tools.

There are several online tools you can use to find and connect with individuals and organizations who may be relevant to your brand in different ways. They  include SocialBro, FollowerWonk, and Twellow. These tools will help  you hone in on those people who may have an interest in what you have to offer, or who may have recently discussed a similar topic online. This for sure is a step of progress if well implemented.

Search conversation data.

This is a move that helps you know if an individual has been talking about things that interest your brand. Social media tools like Brandwatch present you with the ability to input relevant keywords to identify individuals covering topics that matter to your brand.

You can measure influence.

There are tools like Kred and PeerIndex  which provide insights into who may be influential in a particular area. You can use this tools to know where you stand in your particular area of expertise and how far you are in terms of impact to consumers.

Online circles.

Remember that some of the work of finding online influencers may already have been done for you, so don’t overlook it. For instance, Twitter gives you the ability to group Twitter followers together. By leveraging that capability, you can more quickly and easily organize potential influencers.


Influential people are essential in marketing your start-up, so seek out, contact, and utilize the reach of popular people who have the ability to help you grow your start-up.