How Businesses Can Make The Corona Fight Personal

If there is one thing that is making the world a cold place today, its the  fear and uncertainty we are facing over the Corona Virus. There are forced separations, change in lifestyle and even breakdown in relationships. For brands its a difficult time to execute marketing strategies that have taken months of planning. Its also a time to re-evaluate customers engagements and keep your relationship alive. 

In our March marketing release, our CEO, Seroney Memba shared a few tips on how brands can keep their online user community engaged without using the normal cut throat marketing strategies. We compiled a summary from which you can pick what suits your brand.


One of the most important deed at this time is to share. Companies need to work with user community, either local or online, find points of weakness that they can fix and share what they can to help fight the pandemic. Donations, give-aways, discounts, credit are some of the ways we all can get involved.

“The world needs more compassion now than ever. Don’t go missing on your customers”

Hakika Marketing CEO, Seroney Memba

It is highly encouraged for entities giving any help to advertise and shout about it as loud as possible. This isn’t a marketing tool but it gives people in need an opportunity to know the kind of help you can offer and seek the same from you.

Information on the pandemic

Since the break out of the Corona Virus, chances are your users have engaged with too many myths and misinformation. We now have overnight virologists, immunologists, pulminologists, respirologists etc. It does a lot of good as a business to prepare informative content addressing the myths as well as advising your users on how to keep safe.

Caution though: Make it a responsibility to have a qualified medical entity or person approve your message to users. One of our client who hosts a weekly Q&A show on their kitchenware products has actually cancelled all promotion episodes and invited a doctor who will be engaging with users. At Hakika Marketing, we love it that way. (Video link will be shared here soonest)

Games and Trivia

If you have interesting games or trivia, this is time to play it with your users. We are all at home tired of being tired of the bad news. if you have something that can keep us smiling and fresh, why not unleash it. The precaution here is to be sensitive to those affected. Actually sensitive to everyone because whether positive or not, we are all affected!

Treat your team well

Your team is a great asset as we navigate the pandemic. Most of them are handling fears, worries from family, relatives and friends in an unending chain. All they need at these time is reassurance and appreciation. The number of dependents your teammates cater for is higher than you might think. Their strength is one more weapon to fight coronavirus.