Ethical SEO tactics


What is ethical search engine marketing?

Ethical SEO simply means running your search engine marketing using techniques and strategies that are considered acceptable by search engines.

This can also be defined as white hat SEO and is based on adhering to the guidelines set by the major search engines. In the contrary, unethical SEO practices involve trying to deceive the search engines to rank you hire. The common unethical SEO methods, also known as black hat, involve using spammy techniques such as hidden text, keyword stuffing, page cloaking, etc).

Additionally, adopting an ethical methods ensures your web pages are well optimised for both search engines and your users. Below are SEO guidelines for the major search engines:

Why is ethical SEO important?

Trying to cheat search engines comes with real risks tour website and by extension, your brand. Brands have are faced with stiff ranking penalties and even total ban.

As one of the top 1o digital marketing agencies in Kenya, we do not believe that the risks of employing black hat SEO are worth taking. In addition, being on through dubious SEO means is like an elephant on a tree – No one knows how you got there but everyone knows you won’t stay there for long.

With the current competitive environment, the temptation to accelerate your website to page one in google rankings can be very strong. But we feel the short term gains are not worth the long term pain it will involve to restore a site that search engines removed from their index.

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Yes it has been possible to ‘trick’ search engines in the past, but you will find it increasingly difficult. It now requires you to trick your users as well to win. From our end, we actually feel it is easier and more important to focus on creating the best content and webpages as a way of earning better rank.

Hakika Marketing guarantees you that only proven, ethical techniques get to be used to improve your SEO rank. Our success show that they work very well.

Our experienced SEO and Search Engine marketing experts have  accumulated experience and know what works, where and when. And what doesn’t. Crucially, we know what will deliver the best long term results.


  • Consistent customer engagement
  • Offer valuable content to customer
  • Honest presentation of your brand
  • Timely engagements

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