Do You Need More Customers, Try Taffuta

It seems today that companies have found new ways to advertise, trends in advertising are ever changing and all over. You’re scrolling through the internet and you have to watch a five second ad, or you’re on social media and an ad pops up or you have an ad at the bottom of the screen.

Most of these adverts however have a common denominator, they are businesses in the formal with ridiculous advertising budgets. So is it possible for businesses in the informal sector to compete with such companies when it comes to getting ad spaces? The logical answer would be no. Not anymore, Taffuta app is a business listing app for businesses in the informal sector.

Get any service and goods on taffutaSo if you run a salon, a barbershop, or a carpentry shop, the app targets you, and what’s more you don’t even need to spend money to advertise your business. It’s all free, which is incredulous in today’s market. With Taffuta App, which is available countrywide, customers can easily locate your business and contact you immediately if your business supplies their service demands, and it’s all as simple as downloading the app and registering your business.


Taffuta app brings the customer to you and you don’t have to worry about expensive advertising rates, you register your business and we will bring the customers to you. With Taffuta you’ll be able to maximize your revenue and get the best out of your business today. Download it today on the Google Play Store and start reaping the benefits.