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Digital marketer – 9 skills a good digital marketer must have

Digital marketing experiences change everyday with new platforms, analytics and dynamic user habits. However the skills needed to give your brand a top online positioning remain. Check out below skills toolbox for a good digital marketer. 1: Content creation For me this is the most important skill for any serious digital marketer. Consequently, for every […]

Do You Need More Customers, Try Taffuta

It seems today that companies have found new ways to advertise, trends in advertising are ever changing and all over. You’re scrolling through the internet and you have to watch a five second ad, or you’re on social media and an ad pops up or you have an ad at the bottom of the screen. […]

Taffuta: The App That Gets You Customers

So you’ve just started a business, or you are running a small business. Say a barbershop, or a carpentry shop, or any informal business, but there’s not much in terms of clientele. You’ve thought about advertising but cannot afford the hefty fees. You only rely on the loyalty of your customers and hope they can […]

Five Tips to Help you Choose a Friendly Loan App.

In this era, the existence of paper work is slowly receding and people are overwhelmingly embracing the benefits of the improved technology. It is not a surprise that most people choose to opt for mobile loan apps during an emergency to reduce the intensely tiresome alternative i.e. banking. The loan apps have made it a […]

Mobile Loan App Review : Jumbopesa

The demand for mobile loans in Kenya has risen drastically in the past few years, with 6 million of the adult population having borrowed money using their phones. Getting a loan is now as fast as a clicking a button, but how is the user experience really like? I sought out to find out mobile […]

Mobile Loan Apps to Watch in 2019

One may ask which is the best lending app in Kenya? Or what is the most user friendly Mobile loan app? These are questions that have been answered in our blogs before. Well, this time I went out and tried to focus a little into the future. Who are the newest mobile loan providers? Who […]

Pharmaceutical Selling: What Doctors expect from Medical Sales Reps

Sales representatives in the healthcare industry are expected to manage their “territories” as if they were running their own business. That’s the very reason top performing medical sales Reps have entrepreneurial mindset. To be successful in your sales territory its important to know which customers drive you more business, what their “buying” style is; so […]

8 Rules for Building a Successful E-Shot Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has been around for a while, and during its existence, it has suffered important transformations. Keeping in touch with clients via newsletter is no longer the only option for maintaining an interested audience. E-shots are the next best thing to your traditional newsletter, and the best thing about them is that, if you […]