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How Businesses Can Make The Corona Fight Personal

If there is one thing that is making the world a cold place today, its the  fear and uncertainty we are facing over the Corona Virus. There are forced separations, change in lifestyle and even breakdown in relationships. For brands its a difficult time to execute marketing strategies that have taken months of planning. Its […]

Digital Marketing During Corona Pandemic

First receive our well wishes during these burdening times. We care about you. Stay home Stay safe. Most countries have set in place strict measures to combat the spread of Corona Virus, which is a commendable move. This has however thrown months of research, strategy and planning down the drain. Marketing is one of the […]

How to run a Powerful Influencer Campaign

Brands are increasingly competing in the ever-crowded digital spaces, always looking for that one advantage to set them apart from the crowd. One solution to reaching out to a defined audience has been influencer marketing campaigns. Quickly, influencer marketing has replaced certain forms of traditional advertising, as marketers realize they can increase their reach by […]

7 Tips to write a winning blog post

Writing a great blog post is a little like swimming; you can watch hundreds videos (or research on the best tips to write) for months, but nothing can prepare you better than making the move and diving into the pool. As you read this, ensure you write your blog today and share with us the […]

Copywriting tools for digital marketing

As a digital marketer, it is your job to effectively tell the story of your brand online. One or your key weapons is copywriting. Besides mastering the rules of copywriting, you must ensure you create a good quality content for digital marketing campaigns. we have assembled a few tools that will help you improve your […]

Ethical SEO tactics

What is ethical search engine marketing? Ethical SEO simply means running your search engine marketing using techniques and strategies that are considered acceptable by search engines.
Content marketing

Creative tools for social media videos and images

Image Editing Tools BeFunky This freemium content creation software aims to make photo editing and graphic design accessible to everyone, and encourages you to dive right in. you will access content creation tools for photo editing, collage-making, and design tools for posters, invitations, etc, allowing you to create professional-looking images with ease. Paid subscription unlocks […]

Guidelines for social media advertising

Facebook and Instagram With Facebook has the most accommodating advertising policy of all the social media networks. This is down to its large and unique audience. If you promote a legal product or service in an honest and appropriate manner with a link to a relevant landing page, you shouldn’t run into any issues. It’s […]