Valentine’s Day Strategy to Increase Bookings for Tour Companies



Split between the young and old couples. For the young couples, engage them in more energetic activities e.g. rock climbing or even making specified tours to the neighborhoods of either of the love birds. Upon reaching the campsite, organize an event maybe hosted by a DJ to keep them going through the night before they retire to their tents.

Old couples can be engaged through music mix tapes that remind them of the yester years while they were still dating as they travel. With the assumption that they have booked the tour weeks before the tour day, prepare a scrapbook of memories for them, e.g. moments that remind them of their journey of love together. Give special offers at a reduced price for those who prefer personalized scrapbook that covers them with certainty.


Make use of radio e.g. morning shows for advertising Valentine’s Day offers, weeks before the actual day. Targeting morning radio shows is considerably good as people listen to radio when commuting to work. Upon reaching their workstations, they share the ideas with their counterparts.

Make advertisements on TVs during news time. As people get updated on what is happening around, then Valentine’s Day offers advert is aired. This might also encourage the parents to organize a similar package for their children (young adults). Preparing children for responsible adulthood is vital.



Make use of branding e.g. on the company vehicles or PSVs. Introduce corporate identified staff uniform that displays the offers and promotions on bargain. Valentine themed taglines on official receipts of the company weeks before the Valentine’s Day serve a great deal in attracting traffic of potential customers.

Developing the advertising messages for the Valentine’s Day is the final step. Ideas are generated from all departments of the tours and travel company.
Travel with your heart