Have you checked out Eastpesa yet?


There is no denying the fact that mobile money transfer has put Kenya on a global front. MPESA for example, is the largest money transfer in the world and this has made life very easy for each and every Kenyan. It is the most efficient and quickest means to connect when sending and receiving money for businesses and loved ones. But then again, have you ever wanted to send money to someone very far away from home? It’s something that comes with a certain level of stress especially if there are millions of procedures to follow.


Well, there is a new service at your disposal and it’s just few clicks to sort you out. Introducing Eastpesa, a new mobile money transfer service that enables you to send and receive money to any number in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). This service, in conjunction with all mobile networks is convenient and fast. Within thirty seconds, the transaction you are undertaking will be complete. The mobile money transfer platform is growing and Eastpesa just brought things to a whole new level.

Transfers between person to another or business to business within the country (Kenya) have really improved in speed and efficiency.  However sending money from abroad has been slow to embrace these developments. Eastpesa has made it easy to send money from whatever place you are to anyone back home. What makes it even more interesting is, you can make direct transfers from PayPal to MPESA and even AIRTEL.

There are several factors that served as motivation for this platform to be launched. There was the growing need to generate connectivity and networking in the East Africa region- it is these transactions that would enable connections between loved ones and even business partners. There are several money transfer services but not many enable this kind of transaction hence the aspect of Competition. This truly is a service that is going to make a lot of things easy and faster. By just logging on to www.eastpesa.com and creating an account, you can send money to anyone any time.

The one thing that’s inevitable is the change that this service will bring to people in the near future. Already, it has made a huge impact within the past couple of months. Charles Imo, who works with the company believes that this is an amazing product that everyone in the diaspora should try out. Kipkoech Tirap, a customer, said ” I got to know of Eastpesa the time I needed it most. 3 simple steps and my sister had the money in her phone…”


East Africa is growing fast and mobile technology is the pillar of this development. Eastpesa is a service that is reliable and fast it’s putting East Africa as a whole on the map. This is a venture that is going to be very lucrative and the people to thank are the brains behind it. Growth is a step by step process.