Make the market look forward to your next product.


Every business looks forward to a new venture every now and then. I want you to also remember that times have changed and launching a new product is not what it used to be. Back in the day, you could get in touch with a PR agency to craft a press release and set up a press tour. You then would hit the road and meet with reporters from all the big media outlets. In those days, reporters might even spend a few days talking to customers before filing their stories. It always looked like a meet and greet sort of encounter generally.

And it takes discipline. When you launch a product, everyone in your company is probably excited by the technical specs, and all of the different ways your product pushes the envelope, and it’s easy to assume your customer feels the same way. But they don’t. They care about their problems and how your product is going to fit into their life. Make sure your move fits the scale when you look at the market and their needs.

It’s actually very easy to launch a product. There are several strategies a company can employ to make their next launch a huge success.

Put the focus on the consumer, not the product.

Yes this is a new product that everyone needs to know about but how does it benefit the consumer. Make the new features be the solution to the problems faced. Stress and put more emphasis on how the product affects the consumer. For instance, why does Apple have such a loyal following? Because the company itself at large puts into consideration the needs of the people to make the product. Launch like Steve Jobs.

Get very influential people involved: bloggers, writers, media personalities.

These people are great opinion leaders and getting them on board early is an absolute plus. The one thing you can be sure about this move is that, they will create an anticipating sort of atmosphere amongst consumer. To get people talking about the product before it’s official launch just shows how influential you are. These people are also great to seek opinion from critics to give their honest opinion about your product.

Be a revolutionary.

The reason why you are a brand of your own is because of the unique services you give that make you stand out. Never be afraid to change the world. The reason as to why Safaricom is a powerhouse is because MPESA changed lives and is a leading remittance service worldwide. Do something none of your competitors have ever done before, take a position that’s bold and imaginative, paint a picture of the future that your customers want to live in, and then put your whole company into motion creating that vision. Make sure in whatever you do, do it to make competitors want to catch up. Create a difference.

Make it easy for people to learn about your product.

Provide enough information through with free trials, downloads, product videos, and demos.

Turn the launch into an event.

Get the public involved. It is a huge step for your company so why won’t it be an event to just celebrate it. You can go as far as shutting  down your operations for that day just to set a stage around the launch.  Let people know that something big is about to happen and it’s big news.

Keep people waiting for as long as you can

Whilst many companies make a big deal out of new product launches, only a few manage to make the launch dates a secret. That’s what you should do. Make the anticipation and suspense last for as long as you can. Make this move work to your advantage so that you can finish up and do the final touches to perfection.


Basically I just want you to understand that, Instead of fighting to get people to talk about you, they’ll be chasing you to find out what’s going to happen next. That’s the power of doing things that interest the market and satisfy the consumer.