Month: May 2016

Establish your brand as an online authority through content

Being an online authority simply points to the fact that you are not only a leader on a certain topic, but one who took time to translate that knowledge into something meaningful online. As an online marketer, you have to go about this in a such a way that search engines see it, your prospects […]

Five Reasons why you badly need that digital marketing strategy

You are directionless. A company without a specified set of strategic goals will never achieve online or even strengthen relationships with other existing companies. It is important to establish yourself as an authority and this will depend highly on what you set to achieve. First know what you want to achieve and come up with […]

Key Marketing Ideas to Keep you In Check

We’ve all hit that point where all our creative marketing juices have no creativity at all. And suddenly you feel like the head is empty and you just cant think no more. Well all you need is a little help to kick your marketing strategy back on track. The following inspirational ideas will help you […]

Mothers’ day: the real deal in growing brands

Mothers’ day is just one of those days mothers anxiously look up to. No one wants to be left out. To some, it’s just any normal day, but to a marketer this the day one looks up to in that financial perspective. Many marketers ignore this day but actually it’s a key in boosting a […]