Month: March 2016

Easter standout online adverts and campaigns

If your Easter digital marketing strategy did not hit the headlines don’t worry, there is always another Easter. Holiday marketing activities are unique, with a targeted audience and short lifespan. But the Emotional impact must be able to remain long after the holiday. This time we went out to check the online performance of brands […]

Sharp Social media Marketing tips

When most marketers think of social media they immediately relate it with brand building, and not to sales. After all, no one really buys products because of a Tweet, right? Wrong! The truth is that social media is much more than just a way to grow your brand and connect with your current customers. When […]

7 Key SMS Marketing strategies

Segment your audience How many of you complain about SMS you receive from shops? Most people get annoyed with these marketing messages. Honestly, it pesters me as well! But when you segment your potential customers, you will see that the response will be different. They will not see it as an “annoying” marketing message, but […]

Easter Marketing Opportunities, Lessons from Valentine

Marketing trends over holidays and other key calendar days are more or less the same. Consumer promotions during the valentine’s season hit high notes through interesting offers and this attracted broader range of customers. Below are key lessons and opportunities for upcoming Easter holidays