Our Services

PR and Media

We maintain a list of over 200 media contacts and fast becoming one of Kenya’s leading public and media relations providers for leading brands targeting the savvy consumer and business industries. With a network influencers both offline and online, we are the team to work with!


Let us host your product launches, press conferences, corporate launches, and experience-based public events with the the best possible experience for your guests. When you have an event, be sure we will have industry stakeholders talk about it.

Field Marketing

The battle is always at the point of purchase. Our trade strategies focus on driving consumer engagements, trial and purchase. We focus on influencing shoppers at the point of purchase: Ensuring effective in-store brand presentation to engage consumers at the most critical moment; just as they select the brand they’ll buy.

Email/SMS Marketing

Our Automated E-mail/SMS marketing solutions make it easier for you to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Send newsletters, design beautiful email/SMS campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.


Advertising is a powerful tool for increasing visibility, improve brand loyalty and grow market share by more than 40%. We Engage your customers by through adverts on Mobile Applications, Websites, TV and other visible spaces. We have done it before and it worked.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media followers need specialized communication for them to become customers. Every mention on social media can convert into a sale. Preparing analytics /reports may not be your core business. Its ours. Let our technology handle that for you.

"Our work tempts clients to pay us in billions, but we know budgets differ. That is why we gladly accept millions, or even thousands for in the end its not about the much we earned but the mark we left."

What we value

With a little bit more seriousness.. These are the values we believe in

  • Health and Fitness for both Client and our team.
  • Integrity.. Do it the way it was to be done.
  • Team work.. No need to elaborate.
  • Gender equality. What a man can do.......
  • Fun. Work used to be boring. Yes "used to be"
  • Customer is always right.. with disagreements.
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Our Public Rating

Marketing technical skills
Organisational/management skills
Adaptability to new plans

“As you’ve noticed, people don’t want to be sold. What people do want is news and information about the things they care about.”

— Larry Weber

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